Banish the Brush Cutter and Ride The Razorback

Banish the Brush Cutter and Ride The Razorback

Remember the arduous back aching sweat breaking hours spent holding the awkward and dangerous brush cutter? 

The frustrating task of keeping the untamed vegetation in control, but of course it felt like it was conquering you! 

Not only does this test your patience and strength, it poses as a serious time waster and safety risk to you.

What if we told you we could provide a solution that will make this task enjoyable (we would even go as far as saying exciting) and slash the time it takes right down! How would you like a machine that would make this task safer? Something that will get you into places to knock down vegetation that you never thought you would be able to control! Sounds like a miracle, right? Well, it almost is.

The Razorback is a ride on brush cutter with industry leading slope capabilities. It is a machine that will get you into places you never thought possible as it has a low center of gravity and a 4WD system with chunky tyres that keep traction in the most precarious of places. Muddy dirt or sandy soil will no longer hinder you from accessing overgrown previously written off areas.

But why would I substitute a wipper snipper for a 4WD ride on brush cutter?

Firstly, it will save you money. Why use a small cutting head on a brush cutter to slowly chip away at tough overgrowth when you can literally mow down the scrub with a 38-inch wide deck that will cut up anything it can push over (including saplings up to 38mm in diameter). 

The open front design on the Razorback deck allows a large volume of material to fit in the deck chamber without a front baffle pushing it down and therefore the blades will not cut it properly. 

Secondly, it leaves a better finish. The Razorback not only cuts the large volume of material, but it leaves a great finish, mulching the material into even and well dispersed clippings. 

Another great feature of the deck on the Razorback is that the height is adjustable, you can lower it to just a few millimeters above the dirt or cut as high as 150mm.


Speaking of cutting through thick vegetation or tall grass (or both), we bet you are constantly pulling out more chord or changing and sharpening the blade on your brush cutter. The manufacturer of the Razorback (Cany-Com in Japan) used to make traditional Japanese weapons and have incorporated their samurai sword manufacturing skills into creating the blades for the Razorbacks! 

This means the blades are made from Hirosaki steel. They are incredibly tough and sharp, meaning they can last hundreds of hours! The incredibly tough blades allow the Razorback to conquer hard and woody materials that we find in abundance in the harsh Australian terrain.

Speaking of harsh Aussie conditions… Remember what it was like last time you were precariously balancing on the side of the slope with the wipper snipper slowly cutting down the overgrowth around you? Not only are you trying to balance, while wincing at the pain from the debris being flung back at you from the brush cutter, but you were also constantly looking out for snakes, hidden ankle rolling holes on the slope and sharp thorns on the vegetation you were trying to cut. 

A situation like this is likely to end in a painful yelp because you have become the victim of the Australian bush. Injuries can include, rolled ankle, snake bites, cuts from sharp objects being flung from the brush cutter and repetitive strain injuries. The Razorback will eliminate many of these risks, the chances of slipping and falling are greatly reduced as you are not trying to balance on the slope, the Razorback makes working on slopes much safer as they are able to operate on angles up to 25-degrees (in all directions). It is important to look out for snakes, even though they are not likely to attack it is always better to be safe, than sorry. 

We recommend carrying a snake bite first aid kit on you. Eye protection is necessary when using a Razorback even though most of the vegetation is pushed out of the way when mowing.

So why not check out the Razorback? You can talk to your local dealer or call us to talk abut the range and specific models that will suit your application. 

We recommend that if you are considering a machine like this that you book a free demo. That way we can bring a few of the machines to your property so you can test them out of your terrain and see if you can conquer your brush and overgrowth with a Razorback.

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