Be prepared, clear firebreaks on your property now.

With forecasts predicting some pretty extreme fire conditions across much of eastern Australia, as well as parts of Western Australia and South Australia, experts are warning that many Australians are unprepared

How ready are you for the bushfire season?

Simple things like ensuring dry brush and rubbish is cleared from around properties, and having an adequate water source can make such a difference in preserving life and property. 

Razorback prepare your property for bushfire season

So, how can the Razorback help?

A powerful all-terrain mower capable of comfortably handling 25 degree slopes, rocky terrain and cutting through woody material up to 36mm in diameter will allow you to safely clear those tough areas which pose a fire risk, but are simply too rugged for normal mowing equipment.



A few more of the Razorback’s impressive capabilities

  • Shaft driven deck
  • No deck belts - never fear snapping a belt when taking your Razorback through the tough stuff
  • Dual wheels as an optional extra for extra traction in steep, unforgiving terrain
  • Diff lock that can be engaged at anytime
  • Certification for slope mowing/slashing

It’s a cost effective, compact option that works to reduce the “fuel zone” commonly referred to as a fire break around your house or property before the fire gets there. The easiest way to fight a fire is prevent it in the first place! So how ready is your property for the fire season? An unprepared property is not only a risk to yourself but your neighbours as well.

Be proactive. Don’t regret not taking action while you had the opportunity!

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Remember the arduous back aching sweat breaking hours spent holding the awkward and dangerous brush cutter? Not only does this test your patience and strength, it poses as a serious time waster and safety risk to you.

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Razorback prepare your property for bushfire season

Bush-fires can affect anyone, anywhere. It is important to prepare your home, property and family before bushfire strikes and it may be too late.

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