So you have a large property to maintain, but it has hills and slopes that you might not want to try with a regular ride on mower? Not all ride on mowers are designed to work effectively on slopes. Mow those slopes with a Razorback to the rescue.


Slope mowing is a pretty broad subject. If your property, or a property that you maintain has grass or vegetation growing on slopes, hills or particularly hard to reach places due to the degree or angle of the of the terrain, slope mowing is what you do to maintain them.

Mowing on slopes can be challenging and not something you would normally attempt with your standard ride on or zero turn mower.

It is important you have the right mower to attempt to mow slopes.


Why do i need a special mower TO MOW steep hills and slopes?

Most ride on mowers are not designed for work on slopes or any kind of incline. Inside mechanics and engineering of the mower need to planned and considered with a clear focus of steep work. A machine that operates at a steep angle is a specialised piece of machinery. 

A specialised mower for slopes and steep hills, allows for better control due to mechanics such as a diff lock, 4WD system and high/low range availability for traction control

Safety features of the machine also need to be considered, such as brake capability and downward hill control.

How can a Razorback mow slopes that steep?

The Razorback is a specialised slope and brush mower with a very low centre of gravity and (most models) are four-wheel drive for extreme mobility and traction.

They ‘hug’ the ground and are certified gradability and able to operate on slopes of up to 25°.

Often called a ride-on brushcutter, the deck is designed to efficiently process long grass, high weeds and even small trees, with mulching or rear discharge output, even whilst navigating incredible steep slopes, undulations, incline or decline hills.

The Razorback mower features tough, double expanding brakes to allow speed control on descending terrain.

Simply put, the Razorback was designed with slopes in mind. Superior engineering and craftsmanship, this mower was designed to tackle extreme slopes with capability, effectiveness and safety.

See more tips on how to make mowing slopes easier with a ride on.

Razorback capabilities for slope mowing​

The Razorback features a tough 4WD system that is unique in its design and quality, and sets this vegetation mower apart from all other mowers. 

You can switch from 2WD to 4WD, and depending on the ground conditions, engage the rear diff-lock. Operators will use the 4WD when negotiating steep slopes. 

Engage the diff-lock from easy to access controls at the dash board when navigating extreme undulating terrain.

The drive train has a high and low range to best adjust your ground speed to your cutting conditions. This allows you to travel at maximum speed for open flat ground, or use low range to gear down for ultimate power to the 4WD system.

The Razorback shaft drive is shared across all models, allowing direct transfer of horsepower to the cutter deck through a PTO shaft. This is the most efficient and effective way of getting power to the blades when you need it, especially while navigating steep terrains. Shaft drive is stronger and more reliable than belt drive units, because it eliminates the frustration of having to replace expensive belts, which commonly break in extreme cutting conditions. The shaft drive is a more advanced design and will save you money on replacing belts in the long run.

Find out more about the Razorback capabilities

Razorback models with 4WD capabilities.

Play Video about Youtube video steep hill

Slope Mowing safety tips​

Safety Do’s

  • When possible, always start, stop and turn on the flat.
  • Use extra care with grass catchers or other attachments as they affect the mower’s stability.
  • Have an escape route planned if the brakes fail or you lose control of the steering.
  • If you feel the front wheels lifting – STOP, turn around slowly and go back down.
  • Keep the brakes properly adjusted and maintained.
  • NOTE: Brakes are generally there to stop the mower not slow it down, that’s what the transmission is for.

Slope Mowing safety tips​

Safety Dont’s

  • Do not shift to neutral and coast downhill.
  • Never use a rear-mounted bag on a slope as it gets too heavy and is a tipping hazard.
  • Never try to stabilise the mower by putting your foot on the ground.
  • If in doubt, don’t
  • In some cases, the terrain may be too steep for anything. Perhaps fence it and get some sheep or goats, or landscape it to be a wilderness area or shrubbery. 
  • How steep is too steep? If your slope gains 30cm of height every 90cm of distance it’s too steep for your average ride on mower and you need a specialist mower.

Our Slope Mower Range

The best way to experience the Razorback Mower is to BOOK A DEMO


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Ready to see the slope mowing capabilities for yourself? Arrange a demo on your property and we will bring a range of machines to you, assess your property and find the right Razorback for your particular application.

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